Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Childhood Obeisity: Petcha Kucha

My Petcha Kucha presentation is over childhood obesity. I chose this topic because it is a growing epidemic that will effect all of us as teachers. The world that we live in feeds to the problem tremendously.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Screencast: How to Find a Job at

How to find a job at walks you through the steps to find a job through the website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Orientation of Second Life

This video of second life takes an interesting technique to teaching/learning. It is similar to video games which may cater to those students who are hard to teach to. It allows students to interact in common places, yet be in the comfort of their own home.

I can really see kids latching onto this type of learning more than they would the traditional classroom setting. I could see many of my friends who were home schooled really liking this form of learning where resources are typically tight.

Personally, i do not see myself creating this type of learning, but I could definitely see me using this type of learning for individual study to give relatable stimulation for students and give them a different view of the lessons that I try to teach my future students.

Sam's Digital Youth Portal

Sam really amazes me with her ability to understand technology so easily. It's definitely a gift that only a few people have. I love how Sam keeps a normal life and uses her technology to develop herself as a person.

Sam seems to combine aspects of several people I know. She is with technology as my friend is with music. They just pick up the new toy, and within an hour are able to work it perfectly. I hope that many people who are all about technology use it to better themselves how Sam does. She uses technology to help people, to interact with friends, and to learn new things like playing songs on the piano.
This video inspired me to try to relearn how to play the piano. As a child, I took piano lesson but was too impatient to follow through. I know desire to play the piano well and I see that I can use technology to help me reach that goal.

Paula White Conference

Paula White's 2009 conference was a great way to introduce and explore all variations that wikis can offer. It allowed us to think beyond what we created in google sites and give us example of what others, both students and teachers, have used a wiki for.

This video relates to my life experiences because for the first time ever, I was recently introduced to what a wiki is. We made our google sites in class with specific guidelines, but the video shows us that we can use wikis for so many different things for our future teaching careers.
Having a wiki for the class may be a good way to keep students up to date with classwork. As an elementary teacher, it may be difficult to keep the wiki updated on a daily or weekly basis. But I think that Middle school would be an excellent time to introduce a classroom wiki for students to see what they missed from the many school activities and such that keep middle school students so busy. It could also be a good project for students to do throughout the year is to have a week where they are responsible for updating the wiki. This way they learn how to manipulate a wiki and help with the classes needs which they may need themselves one day.

Google Form: Favorite Vacation Spot

My google form quiz, Favorite Vacation Spots, I asked people where their favorite vacation spot is, what their dream vacation spot is, and have they been to their dream vacation spot. Half of the responses have been to their dream vacation spot. 50% said that a mountain retreat is their dream vacation spot where the other 50% said somewhere tropical.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010