Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paula White Conference

Paula White's 2009 conference was a great way to introduce and explore all variations that wikis can offer. It allowed us to think beyond what we created in google sites and give us example of what others, both students and teachers, have used a wiki for.

This video relates to my life experiences because for the first time ever, I was recently introduced to what a wiki is. We made our google sites in class with specific guidelines, but the video shows us that we can use wikis for so many different things for our future teaching careers.
Having a wiki for the class may be a good way to keep students up to date with classwork. As an elementary teacher, it may be difficult to keep the wiki updated on a daily or weekly basis. But I think that Middle school would be an excellent time to introduce a classroom wiki for students to see what they missed from the many school activities and such that keep middle school students so busy. It could also be a good project for students to do throughout the year is to have a week where they are responsible for updating the wiki. This way they learn how to manipulate a wiki and help with the classes needs which they may need themselves one day.

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