Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Childhood Obeisity: Petcha Kucha

My Petcha Kucha presentation is over childhood obesity. I chose this topic because it is a growing epidemic that will effect all of us as teachers. The world that we live in feeds to the problem tremendously.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Screencast: How to Find a Job at

How to find a job at walks you through the steps to find a job through the website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Orientation of Second Life

This video of second life takes an interesting technique to teaching/learning. It is similar to video games which may cater to those students who are hard to teach to. It allows students to interact in common places, yet be in the comfort of their own home.

I can really see kids latching onto this type of learning more than they would the traditional classroom setting. I could see many of my friends who were home schooled really liking this form of learning where resources are typically tight.

Personally, i do not see myself creating this type of learning, but I could definitely see me using this type of learning for individual study to give relatable stimulation for students and give them a different view of the lessons that I try to teach my future students.

Sam's Digital Youth Portal

Sam really amazes me with her ability to understand technology so easily. It's definitely a gift that only a few people have. I love how Sam keeps a normal life and uses her technology to develop herself as a person.

Sam seems to combine aspects of several people I know. She is with technology as my friend is with music. They just pick up the new toy, and within an hour are able to work it perfectly. I hope that many people who are all about technology use it to better themselves how Sam does. She uses technology to help people, to interact with friends, and to learn new things like playing songs on the piano.
This video inspired me to try to relearn how to play the piano. As a child, I took piano lesson but was too impatient to follow through. I know desire to play the piano well and I see that I can use technology to help me reach that goal.

Paula White Conference

Paula White's 2009 conference was a great way to introduce and explore all variations that wikis can offer. It allowed us to think beyond what we created in google sites and give us example of what others, both students and teachers, have used a wiki for.

This video relates to my life experiences because for the first time ever, I was recently introduced to what a wiki is. We made our google sites in class with specific guidelines, but the video shows us that we can use wikis for so many different things for our future teaching careers.
Having a wiki for the class may be a good way to keep students up to date with classwork. As an elementary teacher, it may be difficult to keep the wiki updated on a daily or weekly basis. But I think that Middle school would be an excellent time to introduce a classroom wiki for students to see what they missed from the many school activities and such that keep middle school students so busy. It could also be a good project for students to do throughout the year is to have a week where they are responsible for updating the wiki. This way they learn how to manipulate a wiki and help with the classes needs which they may need themselves one day.

Google Form: Favorite Vacation Spot

My google form quiz, Favorite Vacation Spots, I asked people where their favorite vacation spot is, what their dream vacation spot is, and have they been to their dream vacation spot. Half of the responses have been to their dream vacation spot. 50% said that a mountain retreat is their dream vacation spot where the other 50% said somewhere tropical.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Project Learning: An Overview

In the this video, the projects that are done by the students all seem to qualify as inquiry lessons. These lessons are great ways for process skills to be developed. Students who discover their own knowledge retain that information much better than any other style of teaching.

Currently, I am taking my teaching science course and we have discussed every week the benefits of discovery learning and inquiry. This video just seems to solidify the fact that allowing students to develop their own ideas and skills through investigation. It just makes me think of different projects I want to develop for my future students.

Like I said previously, this could be called Inquiry style of teaching. I will try very hard to use inquiry to allow students to develop their own complex projects. The students will then "create" their own learning which will make a very memorable lesson.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wizard of Apps

Honestly, I do not feel like I am taking away a whole lot from this video except learning that there are a billion types of apps to help us through life. Also there are some talented actors and actresses who like technology.

I do not feel like I can relate to this video much at all. I am not a person who envolves alot of technology in her life and its hard for me to relate to these videos of people who spend every second of their life working with technology.

This video has just reminded me that there are several apps available through the internet that can be useful in numerous ways.

I think it is neat that Joyce presents her hobby for others to see and learn from.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Oversized Truth

In the video, "The Oversized Truth," the facts are given about obesity in America and what health problems can come from the epidemic.

I love the video that Kelly made called The Oversized Truth because it is very factual and informational about America's obesity and what the reprocussions are from being obese.

Luis's Technology as Cultural Connector

As an 18 year old Oregon High School Senior, Luis shows how he uses technology in his video on He uses technology in every part of his life. I'm sure that he does not have the easiest life with both of his parents being immigrants from Mexico but it makes him cherish the technology that he has. I feel like I say the same thing on all of the edutopea videos, but what I feel I get most from them is the understanding that I am going to have students that are extremely advanced with Technology and I have to learn to accept and use it in the classroom.

Again, I feel like I keep repeating my thoughts, but it really just makes me think of my sister and dad and how they have always kept up with the newest technology. I know that alot of people love every aspect of new technology and understand it well. Then there are others who do not, and thats me. But I do think there are benefits to using technology throughout life.

I love the lego robotics idea. My cousin is now a senior in high school and for the past two years, she has been involved in a program called Robotics where highschool students all across the country make robots to compete against each other in competitions. Last year, their robot had to be able to pick up balls and dump them into a chamber on another robot. The team with the least balls in their robot wins. They went to nationals and got 3rd in the rookie division. It's an extremely neat program but I don't feel qualified to teach it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Student Blog Comments

K-12 Student Blog Comments:
1) Rocks in ACTION
2) Veteran's Day

T4T Student Blog Comments:
1) Blogging Buddies
2) Cameron's Tech Talents

A Week in Rachel's Classroom

Wow! this video about Rachel's Classroom is absolutely amazes me. She uses technology as a teaching tool throughout the entire day. Her classroom seems to be extremely enriching thanks to the technology that is present. I learned that with a little thought and creativity, you can find some way to use technology in every classroom. Those 6 and 7 year olds have more knowledge about technology than most adults ever will.

It's hard for me to find a way to relate this to my childhood experience in school because growing up in a small farm community, the access to the latest technology just wasn't there. The teachers didn't seems to seek out that technology either. I now wish that I would have had a teacher like Rachel somewhere along the way through my education to expose me to the possibilities of technology.
There are endless possibilities when talking about adding technology to a classroom. I personally, do not see myself using alot of technology starting off, but the longer I teach, the more I will integrate it for a larger variety of uses. This video gives so many great examples of how to use technology to create an enriching learning environment for out students.

Nafiza of the Future

In the video about a girl named Nafiza, I learned that there are numerous ways to use technology for students. It made me feel way behind on technology because as a senior in high school, she has the ability to do almost anything she can dream of on a computer. She understands how the computers work and teachs her teachers and peers how to use the technology. I learned that I need to spend more time trying to learn technology.

There are always going to be people who have a way with technology. I know in the future as a teacher, I will run into many students who know how to work the technology way better than I do, but I have to accept it and allow myself to learn from them. I have always been behind the curve with technology, but I am getting better. Slowly but surely, I will keep up.

Well as a future Elementary teacher, I would be teaching more of the basics of technology and not the great details that Nafiza uses in everyday life. As a "caught being good" treat, I could use technology as a reward such as listening to your ipod while doing homework. There are ways to work with our growing technologically advanced society and I plan to use that in my classroom.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogging Buddies

In the video about Blogging Buddies, the idea of elemetary and college students blogging to each other was a very creative and engaging teaching tool. It is an activity that the students, both young and old, will remember for forever. It allows the children to grow and develop their writing, reading, and social skills while the college students learn how to decode the childrens' writings and how to teach them the correct ways of the English language.

This video connects to my own experiences, because last semester I had my first field experience where I was the one trying to decode 2nd grade English. You have to stop thinking like an adult and try to view it as the children do so you can help them correct their mistakes. It took me awhile to get the hang of decoding 2nd graders versions of words, but it is something that every teacher candidate should have to go through in college.

Setting up blogging buddies with a local college is something I definately would like to attempt no matter what grade I end up teaching. I think it is a great teaching tool for all who are involved and it would make memories that students will have for a lifetime.

Cameron: The Technology Kid

The Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait:Cameron is a great video that documents the extreme gifts a boy named Cameron has for technology. This video shows me that no matter your age or background, if you have the desire you can master anything. Personally, I am not big into technology, but it can be unbelievably helpful in my classroom and will help me to create better lessons for my students in the future.

As a child, my older sister and father was always very into new technology. I watched them spend hours on their new technology toys. The video reminded me of my sister and how she tends to understand the usefulness of new technology very easily.

Cameron has brought to my attention how important it is to allow for students to use their skills and hobbies to make lessons for the class. Most students have a better understanding for the visual aspects of lessons and so by using the knowledge of my students as well as my own, it will make for a much better classroom.

Initial Post-Bio

Hi, my name is Laura Smith and I am a Jr. at UCO. I am from the wonderful small town of Newcastle, Oklahoma. I love spending time with my boyfriend and family. Other than school and hanging out with family and friends, I attend church at First Baptist Church of Newcastle. My major is Elementary Education and I chose this career path because I love kids and want the chance to impact their lives.