Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sam's Digital Youth Portal

Sam really amazes me with her ability to understand technology so easily. It's definitely a gift that only a few people have. I love how Sam keeps a normal life and uses her technology to develop herself as a person.

Sam seems to combine aspects of several people I know. She is with technology as my friend is with music. They just pick up the new toy, and within an hour are able to work it perfectly. I hope that many people who are all about technology use it to better themselves how Sam does. She uses technology to help people, to interact with friends, and to learn new things like playing songs on the piano.
This video inspired me to try to relearn how to play the piano. As a child, I took piano lesson but was too impatient to follow through. I know desire to play the piano well and I see that I can use technology to help me reach that goal.

1 comment:

  1. That is so great she inspired you to take up piano again! I played just a bit with formal lessons my senior year in college. I have some digital keyboards but haven't really gotten serious with it. I think the creativity which is possible via music and technology now is just amazing.

    Good luck to you! :-)