Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nafiza of the Future

In the video about a girl named Nafiza, I learned that there are numerous ways to use technology for students. It made me feel way behind on technology because as a senior in high school, she has the ability to do almost anything she can dream of on a computer. She understands how the computers work and teachs her teachers and peers how to use the technology. I learned that I need to spend more time trying to learn technology.

There are always going to be people who have a way with technology. I know in the future as a teacher, I will run into many students who know how to work the technology way better than I do, but I have to accept it and allow myself to learn from them. I have always been behind the curve with technology, but I am getting better. Slowly but surely, I will keep up.

Well as a future Elementary teacher, I would be teaching more of the basics of technology and not the great details that Nafiza uses in everyday life. As a "caught being good" treat, I could use technology as a reward such as listening to your ipod while doing homework. There are ways to work with our growing technologically advanced society and I plan to use that in my classroom.

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  1. She certainly has a gift! I dont think I will ever know half of what she does!